Hey man, thanks for visiting my site. I'm an 18 year old South Korean producer from Seoul who loves jungle music and its culture.

If you have any important question please send an email to If you wanna have a casual chat with Jungle Fatigue Kru members(including me) join the Jungle Fatigue Discord server.

All music released on Jungle Fatigue Records are free to stream/download. However you can also pay for them($0.00 or more) if you really liked something. Physicals & merch such as vinyl & cassettes can also be purchased through Bandcamp.

JFR new release


Fatigue Kru returns with a 4 tracker EP, "FATIGUE-001".

  • Accelio - Jazz Club(Feat. ROOXG)
    -- Jazzy ambient roller with incredible trumpet and synth solos.
  • Lifelikemoviee - I'm Different
    -- Another jazzy banger accompanied by hectic vocal chops.
  • Major Axis - Sonar Echoes
    -- Chill atmospheric tune that reminds me of the deep sea and dolphins.
  • Fractured Truth - The Darkness Within
    -- Brain-bashing techstep tune with dope movie lines.
  • Now available on vinyl, limited edition of 100.

    JFR new release

    Growing Sprout E.P.(2023/11/03)

    My newest EP release featuring Growing Sprout & The Silk Road from Jungle Fatigue Vol. 3.

    Now available on vinyl, limited edition of 300.


  • Jungle Fatigue Vol. 4 coming soon(2024/02/04)

    Jungle Fatigue Vol. 4 is coming soon, submissions are open until Feb. 29th! If you are interested please submit via the Google Forms link.

  • Jungle Fatigue Jan 2024 sample pack(2024/02/04)

    Here's a collection of hundreds of samples for your jungle production needs carefully curated by Jungle Fatigue Kru! No sample was pulled from another sample pack so hopefully you’ll find some useful bits in here. The link will expire soon, grab it quick! Special thanks to Tormund for organizing this whole project. Fatigue massive!

  • Regarding Jungle Fatigue tape reissues(2023/12/26)

    Lots of people have been requesting me to do another batch of JF1, JF2, JF3 tapes. I'm sorry but I have no plan to do so any time soon as I want to focus on future releases. Another big reason is that I actually lose money in labor(or sometimes, even in cash) doing these physical releases; Jungle Fatigue itself is largely a passion project and I do not want to burn myself out. I hope you understand!

  • Status of FATIGUE-001 vinyl release(2024/02/04)

    Test pressings are being cut and the full production is expected to be finished on Feb 12th(according to the plant). Orders are expected to be shipped in late February.

  • Status of Growing Sprout E.P. vinyl release(2024/02/04)

    Test pressings came out nicely and you can listen to the .wav rips from the following link. Props to Harvey(Pizza Hotline) for mastering! The official release date is set to be on March 15th on Inch By Inch, pre-orders will be shipped sooner than that(as soon as the vinyl arrive to the distributor).

  • Jungle Fatigue Vol. 3(2023/12/26)

    Jungle Fatigue Vol. 3 has reached more than 10k likes on YouTube and over 1k downloads on Bandcamp! Thank you very much for your support and big up your chest Jungle Fatigue Kru.